Sea Salt Kosher

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A coarse grained salt that has been prepared according to Jewish laws and procedures, thus keeping it "kosher." Free of additives combined with the salt particles, the grains have been compressed, creating a flatter, yet coarser grain with a lighter weight that sticks better to food and dissolves easily. Identifying food as "Kosher" stems partially from the long history of koshering meat to comply with Jewish laws. As a coarse and rough surfaced salt, the particles adhered to the meat easily, enabling the blood within the meat to be drawn out, which is one of the laws of the Jewish faith which requires blood to drained or broiled out prior to eating the food and thus, making it koshered. Kosher salts other unique characteristic is that if viewed under a microscope, the grain structure will appear pyramidal, i.e. in the shape of a pyramid.

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