Sarsparilla Root (Indian) Wild Harvested

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In Victorian era England, sarsaparilla enjoyed an unprecedented popularity as a aspiring tonic, believed to help detoxify the body of poisons and toxins accumulated over the course of the winter. When the root was first introduced in Europe by the Spanish conquistadors, it was marketed as a specific remedy for syphilis and leprosy, but over the years it took on more and more qualities of healing until some enthusiasts claimed it could cure everything short of a gunshot wound. By 1911, though, it had fallen into disuse and for decades was thought of as nothing more than a beverage. Not recommended for use while pregnant or while on blood thinning medications and its long term use is not recommended. Note: Wild Harvesting: The collecting of medicinal, edible or ornamental plants from the wild. Plant species are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate. By some estimates, as many as 20,000 plant species vanish every year (United Plant Savers & World Wildlife Fund, 1997). Ethical wild harvesting requires an intimate knowledge of the ecosystem from which one harvests, its health, and the condition of its plant communities. Why is this important? The health of the ecosystem can determine the quality and potency of an herb. Moreover, taking plants from a stressed or already over-harvested area might well mean that the picker is contributing to the destruction of that ecosystem. If you are a restaurateur or caterer and you are looking for a special formulation to enhance an item on your menu, please contact us and see if we might be able to help.

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