Salt Pink Curing (Sodium Nitrite)

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Pink salt, is a curing salt with nitrite, is called by different names and sold under various brand names, such as tinted cure mix or T.C.M., DQ Curing Salt, Insta Cure #1, and Prague Powder Number 1. The nitrite in curing salts does a few special things to meat: It changes the flavor, preserves the meat's red color, prevents fats from developing rancid flavors, and prevents many bacteria from growing. This is a standard 6.25% cure for any meat that requires cooking, smoking or canning. This is the basic cure you want for sausage, corned beef, ham, bacon, fish, poultry, etc. Ingredients: salt, sodium nitrite, glycerin with FD #3 used to color cure in accordance with MDI Bulletin 656 of 4/1/74. Not edible on its own. It is colored bright pink to avoid confusion with regular salt. Only 1 ounce is necessary to cure 25 pounds of sausage; 4 ounces will cure 100 pounds. This is not a salt that you would use on your food while cooking. It is for curing meat only.

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