Parsley Flakes (Calif.)

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Petroselinum crispum Another very old herb, in ancient times wreaths of Parsley were used to ward off drunkenness. Parsley's success at this task is questionable, but we do love Parsley for its other qualities. While there are more than 30 varieties, the two most popular are curly leafed here in the United States and Britain, and flat leafed also called Italian Parsley is preferred throughout Europe for its richer taste. Stems may be used in white stocks and sauces because they do not color the sauce as the leaves would and for their strength in flavor. Parsley has so much chlorophyll that chewing the fresh leaves will destroy the smell of garlic or onion on your breath. Parsley is also a mild calmative for your stomach and digestive system. Parsley is a great source of vitamins A and C.

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