Garlic Powder (Domestic)

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Allium sativum In most kitchens, if you're not using garlic, you're not really cooking. Garlic is one of the most popular seasoning herbs. It is used in almost every form of cooking and in almost all cuisines around the world. Originally from India or Central Asia, it is now grown worldwide with lesser success in the most northern climates. There are many different varieties of garlic including American garlic, Mexican garlic, Italian garlic, elephant garlic and green garlic. There are also many processed variations available as well. There is fresh, roasted, garlic flakes (aka instant garlic), garlic powder, garlic granules, garlic salt, garlic extract and garlic juice. Garlic tablets are also available at health food stores. To lessen the effect of garlic breath, you might try eating some fresh parsley. This won't take it away completely, but it will help. It is a member of the lily family. Garlic should be used to enhance not overpower the other flavors of the food being prepared.

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