Asafetida (Asafoetida)

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Ferula assafoetida This gum resin is produced from the roots of the asafetida plant. Asafetida is popular in India today as a flavoring and condiment. In spite of its strong, sulfurous aroma, when added in small quantities the herb enhances the flavor of curries and spicy food. As with most food stuffs containing sulfur (onions), once heat is applied the strong sulfur aroma is replaced by a sweetness. In India the green parts of the plant are used as a vegetable. America first learned about asafetida from the slave trade. A poultice would be made from the long root and tied around the neck of young ones who were sick or appeared to be on the verge of being sick. The poultice was supposed to ward off whooping cough, colds, and evil spirits. Of course it did; you stank. Nobody was going to come near you.

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