Tandoori Spice Blend

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Tandoori chicken is an iconic dish of Morocco. It is typically prepared in a tagine cooking vessel. Essentially, this allows for the chicken to be baked and steamed at the same time. The meat comes out juicy and tender. With our Tandoori Spice Rub you can either apply it as a rub on your chicken, pork or fish. Then simply bake it in the oven. This will make it nice and spicy. The more traditional method of preparation is to mix the rub with a dry style yogurt (greek). If you don't have a dry style yogurt, you may take common plain yogurt and put it in a multiple layer of cheesecloth. Suspend this from your faucet in your kitchen sink and let it drain over night. The next morning you will have a dry style yogurt in your cheesecloth. Once mixed with the rub, you then slather this on the meat you are preparing. The yogurt will decrease the spiciness while maintaining the tandoori flavor.

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