Peppercorn Grains of Paradise

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Aframomum melegueta. Back before the discovery of the sea route to India, Grains of Paradise were well known in Europe. Both Columbus and Shakespeare would have been able to identify them at a glance and tell you what they were used for. Grains of Paradise was the black pepper of Europe before Piper Nigrums, black pepper to you and me, became readily available. A member of the ginger family, the first taste you get when you chew one of these little seeds is a burst of floral fruity flavor, much like biting into a coriander seed. Then behind that comes the heat of ginger. It is a full heat, but not a "take the top of your head off" heat. Alton Brown from the food channel gets almost misty eyed when he talks about Grains of Paradise and I agree with him. This is not one you want to miss.

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