Oregano cut & sifted (Mexican)

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Lippia graveolens As the friars and the monks disembarked from their European ships in Mexico for the first time, they saw a plant that reminded them of their beloved Oregano at home. When you are over 5,ooo miles from home, if you want to call something Oregano, that's what you call it. It is actually in the verbenum family. The Mexican variety is much stronger and is typically used in highly spiced dishes. We also carry this variety in multiple forms. Fresh Mediterranean oregano is sometimes available in supermarkets. We carry it in the dried variety. If you are trying to make a Tex-Mex dish and it calls for Oregano, then you want Mexican Oregano. On the other hand, if you are making a tasty tomato sauce for pasta, you want Mediterranean Oregano.

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