Chili Flake, Urfa

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Urfa chiles, typical of Turkish kitchens, is sun-dried during the day and sweated at night for a number of days. They are named after the town Urfa located in Turkey where the chilies are grown. Because of the presence of the stems and seeds, Urfa is hotter than Marash or Aleppo peppers and is purplish-black as opposed to red. This spice has high essential oil content, to my nose and taste buds it has eh aroma and flavor of ground figs, though some say there is an aroma of dried fruits and tobacco, and a rich earthiness flavor. A couple that shop at my store, said that while they lived in Turkey, when they went to a restaurant, there on the table would be a bowl of urfa, much like you would find salt and pepper on the table of restaurants here.

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