Mulling Spices Harvest Moon

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Mulling is an ancient tradition. In the Middle Ages, if you wished to live to a ripe old age like 30 or 35, then you drank wine. The water of the day was so polluted it would kill you, if you drank it. Wine making of the day was fairly crude. They didn't have the knowledge of when the grapes were ready, checking the sugar levels, all of the things that we do today to make our wine consistently good. So, some years the wine would be wonderful and easy to drink and other years it would taste like swill. Something had to be done, so they resorted to infusing the wine with aromatic herbs and spices that they had on hand. Today we gently heat up wine or cider and add the mulling spices for a good old fashioned favorite. This is especially good on a cold winters night. The Harvest Moon mixture contains; sugar, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, and lemon.

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