Tea – Chai Blend

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Chai is simply the word for “tea” in Hindi and several other Asian languages. The spicy, milky variety known in India as masala chai is called “chai” here in the United States. Americans, recognizing the word “chai”, already know it’s a tea-based drink; it is both redundant and pointless to call the product “chai tea”, but there you are. Chai Tea it is. Chai tea is a rich and complex beverage that has been savored for centuries in many parts of the world, especially India. In its most basic form, chai is black tea that is brewed strong with a combination of spices and is diluted with milk and sugar. The spices vary but usually consist of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pepper and ginger. Chai tea is traditionally consumed hot and sweet. The sweetness is needed to bring out the full flavors of the spices.

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