Okie Dokie Seasoning (Salt Free)

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My cousin Pogo (see Cousin Pogo’s Award Winnin’ Butt Rub elsewhere in the store) turned me on to a rub called Oklahoma Joe’s Hog Rub and Yard Bird Seasoning several years ago. It has gone through a few hands since then and now contains some chemical stuff that I don’t like. So, this is my own interpretation. Okie Dokie contains brown sugar, sugar, garlic, celery, onion, paprika, chili, salt free, black pepper, bell pepper, white pepper and thyme. This seasoning is great on pork and chicken especially. It is not too bad on a steak either.

It is sweet and savory. Uses include smoking any kind of meat, a nice baked chicken/chicken wings, and mildly on fish. Also makes a good base for barbecue sauce when paired with ketchup or tomato paste. This is the salt free version.

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