Grampy Pig Eye’s Pepper Sauce



Where to start? Yes, Grampy was my grandfather, but he hated to be called that. So, he was Grampy. His family nickname was Pig Eye or Piggy. His son, my Uncle, then became Piggy Junior. Now to the sauce. I grew up thinking everyone ate sweet pepper sauce. It wasn’t until later in life that I learned that we were one of the few households that had it as a staple on the table. It is delicious on everything, but please don’t miss it on a bowl of beans. To my surprise, I found a version of it on the Island of Bermuda. How my hillbilly grandfather found this sauce is beyond me. He never set foot on Bermuda. Contents: Vinegar, Sea Salt, Sugar, Chilis, Water, Pickling Spice.

Bottle is 13 fl. ozs.