Gentian Root Organic

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Gentiana Bitter principles (amarogentin, gentiopicroside) and the bitter-tasting gentiobiose, which is so bitter that it can be tasted even if it is diluted with 58,000,000 times its volume of water. This is why our mixologists use it to make their own bitters. Gentian has an ancient reputation as a poison cure. Nicholas Culpepper wrote in the mid 18th century in regards to its effectiveness for treating the plague that a “more sure remedy cannot be found to prevent the pestilence”. The validity of this opinion has not been scientifically verified however. The bitters in Gentian activate a reflex action that releases acids into the stomach and bile into the gallbladder. This accelerates digestion and helps the intestines absorb fat, preventing bloating and flatulence. Gentian is typically taken before a fatty meal. The German E Commission monograph indicates its effectiveness at increasing digestive juices by its incredibly bitter nature.

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