Peppercorn Comet Tails

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Piper cubeba The Comet Tail or cubeb berry peppercorn is a cousin of the piper nigrum you and I know as a black peppercorn. A key difference between the Javanese Comet Tail and regular black peppercorns is the stem that is kept attached to the berry, hence the Comet Tail name. Raised and harvested in the mountainous areas of Java, this Peppercorn is harvested by hand and then sun dried before being sold.

In modern cuisine, Comet Tails work wonderfully with all manner of foods; from lamb, duck, fish and shellfish to sweet, slightly acidic desserts such as citrus sorbets. It is even at home ground lightly over a slice of fresh fois gras! Try grinding Comet's Tails over meats, cheeses and vegetables to impart its unique warming aroma or use in place of allspice to add peppery heat. Dropped a few into a flute of champagne for an incredible toast!

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