Peppercorn Bali Long (Thai)

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Piper longum Known in ancient times as Wild Long Pepper, long pepper still inhabits the mountainous central highlands of Bali and is harvested from the wild forest surrounding the traditional coffee, vanilla, and spice farms. The flavor of Balinese Long Pepper (also known as Thai Long Pepper) is deep and complex, simultaneously releasing an earthy pungency with sweet overtones. The long peppers look like tiny pine cones that might have come from the movie, “Honey, I shrunk the kids.” Once ground, roasted or simply snapped in two, they release an incredible floral bouquet and a very hot, almost numbing heat that belies the innocent initial sweetness. Highly prized as far back as the Romans, long pepper has fallen into obscurity.

Their aroma and flavor is more floral than a regular black peppercorn with hints of fruit, allspice, nutmeg and cardamom, making them the perfect pepper to grind up to accent a saucy pot of curry. However, the base notes are quite similar to normal black peppercorns so these longer versions can be used in place of your regular peppercorn. Just be sure to add them sparingly since the heat of Bali long peppercorns can sneak up on you!

Add crushed long pepper to a lamb stew or to season a spicy soup. Experiment by replacing black pepper with crushed or ground long pepper at the table or in your cooking. The musky sweet flavor seems to go really well with rich, creamy or buttery food in particular. They also can be added whole or halved lengthwise to simmered recipes like soups, sauces and stews. The longer the simmer the better.

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