Sassafras Wild Harvested

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Sassafras albidum Sassafras is a sturdy tree found in the bayous of Louisiana. When the tree is young, its leaves are shaped like "mittens," sometimes with two "thumbs." As the tree matures, sometimes reaching a height of 100 feet (30 meters) and a trunk diameter of up to 6 feet (200 cm), the leaves grow more rounded, free of indentation. Cajun cuisine uses sassafras bark to make file (FEE-lay), the seasoning for gumbo. Sassafras tea, made from the root or the bark, has been drunk for over three centuries in the lower Mississippi valley. Sassafras bark oil is used to flavor medicines and candy and in some perfumes.

Note: Wild Harvesting: The collecting of medicinal, edible or ornamental plants from the wild. Plant species are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate. By some estimates, as many as 20,000 plant species vanish every year (United Plant Savers & World Wildlife Fund, 1997). Ethical wild harvesting requires an intimate knowledge of the ecosystem from which one harvests, its health, and the condition of its plant communities. Why is this important? The health of the ecosystem can determine the quality and potency of an herb. Moreover, taking plants from a stressed or already over-harvested area might well mean that the picker is contributing to the destruction of that ecosystem.

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