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Picture of Colonel's Cookbook 2.0 Download Mac

Colonel's Cookbook 2.0 Download Mac

Cookbook on a memory stick without the memory stick. Mac version

New features for 2.0 include: much improved printing function, much improved shopping feature, nearly 500 recipes, 25 hints and tips, and 25 new conversions. All for the same low price as before. For the first time ever, the Colonel has made his cookbook, encyclopedia, and food compendium available electronically. You get over 400 recipes, you may add as many of your own as you like, there are over 100 entries in the encyclopedia, and you may look up over 75 foods and food groups to see what spices are normally put on them. There is also a conversion chart with all of your kitchen conversions and about 20 helpful hints from the kitchen. All of this for the amazing price of $20.00 plus tax. The download is available for Mac or Windows computers. This is the Macintosh version.

Picture of Colonel's Cookbook 2.0 Macintosh
Colonel's Cookbook 2.0 Macintosh
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