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Picture of Sea Salt Hawaiian Black Lava

Sea Salt Hawaiian Black Lava

Unit weight: 1oz

Black Lava sea salt is colored by the lava deposits common in the area, making it black and somewhat glossy in appearance. With the addition of purified black lava for minerals and activated charcoal for color resulting in a slight sulfuric aroma, Lava sea salts provide an earthy flavor when used as a finishing salt. Since sea salts considered best as roasting salts will dissolve readily and typically loose their flavor after lengthy cooking, many are often used as finishing salts. However, Hawaiian sea salts are often used as both roasting and finishing salts for fish as well as poultry. It is common to apply a coating of salt on fish being steamed, preserving the flavor and moisture as it bakes. Then, a Black Lava sea salt adds a finishing touch to season and enhance the appearance of the presentation. If you are a restaurateur or caterer and you are looking for a special formulation to enhance an item on your menu, please contact us and see if we might be able to help. This price is per ounce.
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