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Picture of Around The World Gift Set

Around The World Gift Set

Unit weight: 22oz

This beautiful gift set contains 40 small containers of herbs and spices that are literally from around the globe. This is the perfect gift for the foodie who has everything.

Herbs and Spices include: Epazote, Guajillo Chili Powder, Madras Curry, Basil, Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, Fenugreek Seeds, Methi Leaves, Wasabi Powder, Asafetida, Bolivian Rose Salt, Chervil, Smoked Paprika, Kala Jeera, Galangal Root, Chinese 5 Spice, Fennel Seed Powder, Ajwain, Mexican Oregano. Berbere, Nigella, Curry Leaves, Mace, Siam Long Peppercorns, French Fine Herbs, Togarashi, Adobo Seasoing, Annato, Garam Masala, Herbs de Provence, Grains of Paradise, Saigon Cinnamon, Szechuan Peppercorns, Greek Seasoning, Ancho Chili Powder, Dill, Sumac, Elder Flowers, Panch Phoram, Zhatar, and Hot Paprika.