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Picture of Container, 16 oz. Oblong Spice Jar (Red Shaker)

Container, 16 oz. Oblong Spice Jar (Red Shaker)

Unit weight: 1oz

This clear plastic jar has a red lid and a shaker insert. This jar should be used by chef's, restaurants, and high volume users. We strongly recommend against storing and keeping this much product on hand, unless you are a very high volume consumer. This 16 oz. container is great for holding that spice you call your "go to" spice. These containers are also available in a 2 oz., 4 oz., and 8 oz. size. While it is called a 16 oz container, please realize that all spices and blends have different densities, which means that the volume that it takes to make an ounce is radically different. For example, an ounce of basil is a very large volume while an ounce of salt is a very small volume.