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Cajun Game Day Snacks and Dinners- Thursday, October 13, 2016

Football season is here and what comes to mind during football more than FOOD. Chicken wings, popcorn, pasta, dips, and more!  Nothing makes all of your favorite game day snacks and meals taste better than Colonel De’s Cajun blackening season. It’s a nice blend of smoky Cajun flavors with a little kick of heat to it.

Cajun Game Day Snacks

A football favorite in households across the USA is chicken wings.  Season up some Cajun rubbed wings for the perfect football game snack.  It’s great to sprinkle the seasoning on top of dips for that extra little kick, your popcorn for an after dinner snack, and it’s also the perfect blend for all kinds of dinners you can make any night for the family.

Colonel De's Cajun Blackening Seasoning

Incorporate Cajun Into A Meal

You can add Colonel De’s Cajun blackening seasoning to:

  • Pasta dishes (perhaps spaghetti in a Cajun cream sauce)
  • Seafood (great with salmon!)
  • Chicken (wings, as mentioned above)
  • Sausage (which can be mixed with that Cajun pasta dish above)
  • Anything else that comes to mind!

If you buy our cajun blackening seasoning or any of Colonel De’s herbs and spices,  make sure you keep the bottle when it’s all gone, because you can bring it back in and get refill for a discounted price!

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