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Rub Club-Spice Gift Set (sort of, but better!)- Friday, September 18, 2015

In most families, there is someone we go to for a great meal.  They are the person that passes down recipes, and teaches the younger generations to carry on the cooking tradition.  For all of those ones in the family, and the aspiring cooks, the rub club subscription from Colonel De makes for a thoughtful gift.

Every quarter the person subscribed to the rub club will receive a shipment with 3 spices.  Along with these spices will be recipes they can be used in, tips on how to use them, and anything else we can find to enhance the experience with a particular spice.

You won’t just be adding additional spices to your kitchens stock, you will be improving your skills by becoming more knowledgeable of spices and how they can enhance certain dishes.  We eat several times a day, so we might as well do our best with every dish right?  That’s exactly what the rub club will do for the recipient. 

If you’re looking to learn more, the how to videos on Colonel De’s website can guide you step by step with certain recipes, and there is a great list of archived recipes.  Some of the archived recipes include Guinness pot roast, honey balsamic vinaigrette, and Saigon chicken.  Is it just me or you getting hungry too?

For anything you’ll need in the kitchen and even ways to improve abilities in the kitchen, Colonel De is your man.  We have several locations, or you can order online.  Get everything from salts to tea, and even marinades.  Some items you can combine to make dressings or other concoctions as well.  The possibilities are endless!  Thanks for reading, comment if you have any questions, and we hope to help you or someone else please their palate! 

By the way, a big thanks to everyone who visited us at Findlay Market for the Eat Local event, and the Cincinnati Food and Wine Classic!


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