Compound Butter Recipes that Will Change Your Life

Butter. It’s the heart and soul of cooking—bringing comfort and deliciousness to any and every dish it touches. Butter encourages flavors to stand out. It is a vehicle. It enhances, warms, and creates a richness that transforms any meat or vegetable into your favorite foods. It just tastes good.

There are hardly any recipes in this world that don’t include butter on some level: adding body to the base of a sauce, emulsifying stock, browning the tops of dinner buns, adding nuttiness to a stir fry, trapping steam between layers of dough, and transporting flavor across anything it touches.

And while butter is by far the preferred fat to use for nearly every preparation in the culinary arts, compound butter takes everything up another level. 

What is Compound Butter (and How to Make It)

Compound butter is pure magic. More specifically, compound butter is a combination of spices, herbs, and softened unsalted butter that's whipped together to create a more complex flavor within the butter.  You have the choice to add sweet or savory ingredients to the butter, so the possibilities are truly endless. 

How to Make Compound Butter

Compound butter is all about the flavor. You can easily make compound butter at home, and customize it to blend with any flavor palate and combination you tend to prefer. Here’s a brief how to make compound butter.


  • 2-3 Sticks of Unsalted Butter
  • Flavors!


  1. Consider the flavor combinations you wish to add to the butter. This depends on what you’re looking to cook or how you wish to use the compound butter.
  2. Take one to two sticks of unsalted butter and place them in a bowl to arrive at room temperature.
  3. Once the butter is softened, add in the spices, sweeteners, cheeses, nuts and fruits you wish to incorporate into the butter.
  4. Mix well with a hand mixer or a sturdy spoon until the butter mixture is made fluffy and your flavors are completely mixed in.
  5. Take clear wrap and deposit all of the mixed butter onto the wrap.
  6. Take the edges of the clear wrap and encase the butter.
  7. Form the wrapped butter into a log and place it into the fridge to cool for 1-2 hours before use.

Compound Butter Combinations

We’ve compiled a number of options to start your compound butter collection and get your tastebuds ready for adventure. Check out the flavors below or use them to start your own inventions. We have a large supply of exotic and exciting spices and blends that can be delivered to your door, so your options are truly endless.

Let’s get cooking!

Spicy Compound Butters

Want to give breakfast a swift kick in the pants, add some heat to your lunch, or take your dinners up a notch? Our spicy compound butters can give life to any piece of chicken, beef or fish.

When do we like to use these compound butters?

  • Steak Night
  • Taco Tuesdays
  • Sunday Brunch
  • Panini Picnics
  • Any day where bread is involved

Mo’ Betta Compound Butter

Apocalypse Compound Butter

My Thai Compound Butter

Sweet Compound Butters

Did you just volunteer to host a group brunch? Are you tired of all of the bland scones out there? Are you looking for things to give your pies first prize in everyone’s eyes?

We have scoured our minds to find the sweetest concoctions to give your desserts and sweets an extra layer of flavor.

When do we like to use these compound butters?

  • Brunch (every day)
  • Breakfast (every day)
  • Whenever you need a sweet bread (every day)

Citrus-Sweet Compound Butter

Caramel Apple Compound Butter

Cinnamon Orange Compound Butter

Savory Compound Butters

When life gives you meat, do you find yourself in want of seasoning? Do you ever look through your spice rack and wonder where to begin? While there are so many spice options at your fingertips, we’ve collected some of our savory compound butter favorites to help you take your seasonings to a new level.

When do we like to use these compound butters?

  • BBQ Date Night
  • Whenever you have chicken (really, save yourself)
  • Burger Night
  • When it’s time for a sub
  • All of the Stir Fry nights
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Mexican Monday
  • Where are the Fajitas Wednesdays

Moroccan Masterpiece Compound Butter

Citrus Cilantro Compound Butter

Garlic Rosemary Compound Butter

Zing Curry Compound Butter

Sharp Shooter Compound Butter

Smoky Sunset Compound Butter

Why Colonel De is Your Compound Butter Resource

When it comes to compound butter, the more risks you take, the more excitement you bring to the table. At Colonel De, we are the one-stop shop for taste bud adventures, with more spices and blends available by the day.

Browse through all of our spices today, and get your favorites shipped right to your door.



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